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Marketing Tactic for Real Estate Professionals

There is a list which can help you sell your home at or above the current market value. None of these bullet points are a sure fire way to do so, but together, they are a deadly combination!

Realtors are skilled negotiators and their opinion carries authority with a client. If you want the best opportunity possible of selling above market value, work directly with home buyer.

A recently popular marketing tactic for real estate professionals has been to list a home with a range of acceptable prices. For instance, instead of listing your home at $497,000, state that the seller will entertain offers between $486,000-$510,000. This will get people bidding up the value of your home.

Nothing can justify a higher selling price more than a few little extras that sweeten the deal. Consider paying for half the closing costs.  Sure, that might mean paying out $2,500, but if it allows you to sell the house at $10,000 more, its worth it.

Real Estate Professionals

Scarcity is an age old technique that always comes through. Give buyers a specific time window to work with. Give them only 60 days (for example) to submit an offer. At the very least, this will build a list of qualified leads with whom you can communicate directly after the time window closes.

Making the right home improvements is essential in getting a higher than usual sale price. Consider low cost curb appeal improvements, like fresh mulch, flowers, etc. Bathrooms and kitchens are also very important rooms to consider. A fresh countertop, or new appliance can go a long way with a buyer. Keep your costs down, make the right improvements, and watch your house sell over its comps!