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Buying a villa in Ho Chi Minh – 6 things you need to know

Among all the cities of Vietnam Ho Chi Minh is one that has always known to be the center of foreign capital investments. The real estate market is no exceptions to the growing. Foreign investment trends. Luxury condos and villas are among the most popular types of properties bought by foreigners. There are subtle touches of French architecture that are incorporated in most of the buildings in Ho Chi Minh. Colonial style buildings as well. So for the home buyers who love contemporary styles and for home buyers looking for a more Colonial option there are villas in some of the best neighbourhoods of the city.

Ho Chi Minh

  1. French style villas

District 3 is one of the best choices for those looking for a Colonial style Villa for sale in Ho Chi Minh. These are unrivalled when it comes to the architecture and the appeal. In the rapidly changing architectural styles of Ho Chi Minh this is the locality preferred by those who love traditional villas.

  1. Modern villas and modern amenities

If a large villa with all the modern amenities is what the home buyer is looking for then District 2 is the place to be. There is a great deal of privacy offered in most of the villas and most of them even have a private pool. Despite the plenty of facilities that the villas here offer, this neighbourhood also offers some of the best affordable villas.

Ho Chi Minh property

  1. Developing areas

While new buildings have popped up nearly everywhere in this Vietnamese city District 7 is among those late bloomers. There are still plenty of open spaces in this neighbourhood. There is a good mix of villas and apartment complexes in this place. Given the rapid growth in the demand in real estate in this locality those looking to buy a villa as investment find this to be a prospective location.

  1. Land ownership

In Vietnam though the foreigners can easily buy a villa or any other property type from any developer. But it would only be the constructed structure on which the foreigner can claim ownership. On the land there is only a lease option which can go up to 50 years or prolonged if required. So villas that the foreigners buy here come with the land leasing costs as well.

  1. Proximity to the place of work

From buses to local trains the public transport facilities are very good in Ho Chi Minh. So even if the home buyer chooses a villa located a little far off the office location then getting to the work place would be simple. But the increasing population has also been accompanied by erratic traffic conditions which should be taken into account while choosing a locality.

  1. Riverside villas

Saigon river side villas are some of the best options for those looking for great views. There are some large villas with 5 bedrooms or more which can suit even the large families.

Besides the modernisation seen in most parts of the city there are also some places that still have the cultural touches impact. So the city offers a mixed lifestyle for everyone who settles here.